501 - In der Betonwüste
In The Concrete Desert
William Voltz

The exhausted humanity of the Earth endures famine. Thousands of people die per hour. The epidemics spread. The infantile mortality reaches 70%. The seven hundred immune humans working under the command of Roi Danton and Galbraith Deighton in “Imperium Alpha” try to put an end to the growing disaster. On 6 July 3441 an act of sabotage involving the main meteorological control station in Terrania results in massive storms and tidal waves. Three immune from “Imperium Alpha”, including Coden Opprus and Janus Pohklyn, fight their way through the severely damaged city of Terrania in order to seize an emergency station and put an end to the weather catastrophes. To make matters worse, at the same time “Imperium Alpha” must defend itself against a gang of mentally crazed humans led by the immune Terran, Garrigue Fingal. The galacto-psychologist wants to take vengeance for his undeserved release from the Terran space fleet.

Michael Mahoney 2012-10-14

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