5 - Atom-Alarm
Atomic Alarm
Kurt Mahr

Note-The ACE Edition published in the US carried the title Galactic Alarm.

Perry assigns Tako Kakuta to begin making deals with industrial firms so that the 3rd Power's plans can be fulfilled. In the meantime, Perry and Reggie resume their hypnotraining enroute to the moon. The plan is to visit the bombed out wreck of the Arkonide base to see if anything can be salvaged. While the two comrades are unconscious, Thora decides that she has an opportunity to impose her will on the Earth and force it to build a ship to take her and Khrest back to Arkon. Khrest rouses Rhodan and Bell in order to stop her. Thora faints when she realizes they are breaking into the command center to stop her plan. The Arknide scientist reveals that he risked the two going insane by interrupting the hypno session, a major crime on Arkon.

The ship lands on the moon and Perry and Reggie begin the salvage operation. Their search is interrupted by Khrest. The destruction of the Arkonide vessel has resulted in an alarm being transmitted through hyperspace. He anticipates that a fleet of Arkonide robot ships will answer the call and finding the wreckage will trace the attack to Earth. The ships are programmed to destroy any planet that would dare attack an Arkonide ship.

Rhodan heads back to Earth and uses an Arkon Suit to get into NATO intelligence headquarters. There he gets to Alan Mercant and warns him of the impending attack. Mercant contacts the US president who is reluctant to go to a defensive posture. The Asian Federation and Eastern Bloc are also placed on alert.

Thora offers to save Perry, Reggie and the mutants to be used on Arkon. But when an encroachment is detected, it is not a robot fleet. It is a single ship of the Fantan people. The shock again sends Thora into a faint. The representatives of Earth's governments offer to drop the embargo against Rhodan in return for his protection.

Lying in wait on the moon, Rhodan manages to ambush the Fantan ship and utterly destroys it. He announces to the Earath that the Fantan invasion was only the first of sefveral possible invasions. The Earth must work as a united world in order to face any subsequent invasions. The embargo is lifted and supplies begin to flow into Rhodan's desert base.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-07

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