499 - Entscheidung in der Plutobahn
Decison In The Pluto Track (Orbit)
Hans Kneifel

Shortly after the destruction of the dakkar radio link with the secret station on Titan, the Urmutter (Primordial Mother) whose cells constitute the Ovarasch orders that the planet Sikohat be evacuated. Her programming forces her to separate and launch the thousands of Collectors which make up the entire interior of the planet. The thin envelope of Sikohat breaks up and the planet ceases to exist. The three hundred forty thousand Collectors that had made up the planet Sikohat leave for the Milky Way.

On the 24th of July they reach the orbit of Pluto where the battle fleets of the Earth and its allies defend themselves against the Collectors and Vassals commanded by Vascalo. The fleets of the Akonides and the Central Galactic Union flee. The Urmutter (Primordial Mother) reveals some information on the events in the Gruelfin. She declares that her programming forces her to intervene, since parts of her are being utilized by Vascalo for criminal acts. She withdraws the Collectors from the control of the Takerers. She allows a hundred Terrans commanded by Lefton Rapyrosa to penetrate into the Ovarasch. They learn about the origin of the Primordial Mother, the Collectors and the Komudak Belts (Command Belts) as well as the final block device that a Taschkar, who had discovered the gigantic robot fifty thousand years ago, used as a secret weapon.

The hundred Terrans flee at the last minute when some of the Collectors form a sphere of forty-nine kilometers in diameter with the Primordial Mother in the center. More and more of the Collectors move into position around the Primordial Mother. Pluto breaks apart due to the gravitational field which the mass of the huge Collector sphere produces. On the 27th July the Primordial Mother declares that she has became a too powerful and too dangerous tool. Following the programming installed by Ovaron she auto-destructs. Vascalo and his Takerers, who are trapped in the Collectors, die in a gigantic ball of fire.

On the same day Edmond Pontonac and the other hostages on Caudor II steal a spacecraft and escape.

In Gruelfin battles continue to rage between the Jucla Clans and many other races. On the 27th July Perry Rhodan and the members of the Terran expedition say farewell to Ovaron. The MARCO POLO leaves for the Milky Way.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-21

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