498 - Die Rückkehr des Takerers
The Return Of The Takerer
Clark Darlton

While in the body of Pultor, Vascalo learns of the death of Ginkorasch and the assumption of power by the Jucla, Pentschypon-Kala 896, in the Gruelfin Galaxy. He names Pultor the commander of the entire fleet of Collectors and returns to his own body on Titan. He now believes himself to be the new Taschkar but he also knows he must get his own body back to the Collector fleet if he is to actually turn this belief into reality. The decreasing reserves of oxygen in his space suit forces Vascalo into a race against the clock. Some scholarly Terrans on Titan temporarily protect him until he finally finds the opportunity to seize the protoplasm commander of the Posbi vessel Box-86104. Vascalo forces the Posbi commander to bring his pseudo-body on board. He then has the Box-86104 take off and he eventually reaches the safety of his own fleet of Collectors, which is then attacked by the Terran vessels and their allies. Vascalo has successfully returned to his flagship and the final battle for the Sol System itself can begin.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-18

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