497 - Die Armee der Kriegsdiener
The Army Of The War Servants
H.G. Ewers

The detectors of the Takerer Collector fleet locate the Ganjasen pedostation on Titan. On 10 July 3438 one hundred thirty thousand Takerer warriors materialize in the station. They are led by Vascalo and fight the Terran commandos who respond to the attack in the Ganjasen station. Vascalo has lied to his warriors, telling them that they are following the great strategic plan of the Tashkar. In fact, there is no “Great Plan of the Tashkar” and the attack on the Titan station has actually been planned by Vascalo himself to help advance his own personal power and prestige. Heavy battles take place, in which Ribald Corello, his bodyguard Lesska Lokoshan and Balton Wyt participate. Merceile takes control of the Terran captain Tolous Bettron in order to destroy the pedostation on Titan with bombs. She succeeds but she leaves the dying body of Tolous Bettron too late and suffers serious mental injuries. She must be brought to the medical center of the USO on the planet Tahun for treatment.

After the destruction of the pedostation and, therefore, the ability to receive Takerer reenforcements, Vascalo is ready to sacrifice his warriors in futile battles all over the surface of the moon Titan. He believes these battles and the chaos they will cause will serve as cover for his own escape. Great destruction does occur to include the loss of the artificially generated oxygen atmosphere of Titan. The second-class warrior Aronte, the pilot of Vascalo’s flight capsule, develops some doubts on his superior’s infallibility and on the “Great Plan” itself. Finally, he defects and saves the Terran captain Alea Onandere, who is in command of an orientation station and a commando squad tasked with tracking down the individual Takerer warriors who have survived and escaped from the major battles on Titan. Aronte voluntarily becomes a prisoner of the Terrans.

Lesska Lokoshan prevents an attack of Vascalo on Corello. The Takerer flees by pedo-transfer into the body of Pultor, the commander of the flagship of the Collectors, which has been slowly fighting its way to the borders of the Sol System. The battle fleets of the Akonides, the Norman Federation and other stellar powers of the Milky Way arrive in order to fight at the side of the Terrans against the Takerer Collector Fleet.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-18

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