496 - Die Flotte der Clans
The Fleet Of The Clans
William Voltz

On 2 July 3438 the MARCO POLO tries to return to the Milky Way but fails because of a breakdown.

The Taschkar Ginkorasch calls the fleet of the forty-five Young Clans for help. The life of these descendants of Takerer colonists on the outskirts of Gruelfin has been accelerated following a genetic mutation. Known as the Juclas, they reach maturity at ten years of age and become elderly at eighteen years of age. At twenty years of age the Juclas are delivered by the Old Age Police to the adult executioners who have the job of killing them. In their hate of the death, the nomadic Juclas try to give more sense to their short life. As a result, they have become brutal warriors. Following the Taschkarís order, they attack the small Morschatzas galaxy with their two hundred thousand vessels. On July 6 they fall upon one hundred thousand Ganjasen vessels. The Ganjasen fleet retires on Ovaronís order after the first battle, which ends in a draw.

Perry Rhodan makes contact with Pentschypon-Kala 896, the chief of the Young Clans, and announces to him that contrary to the affirmation of Ginkorasch the Ganjasens don't want to wipe out the Juclas. Pentschypon-Kala 896 becomes distrustful of the Takerers and eventually realizes that the adult executioners on all the Clan ships are Takerers and that over many millennia the Taschkars created the Juclas by genetic manipulations to protect the borders of their galaxy. Pentschypon-Kala 896 lands on the planet Arptof with his fleet, kills Ginkorasch (by poison) and declares that the Young Clans will assume the ultimate power in the Takerer Empire.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-12

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