495 - Der Botschafter von Sol
The Ambassador Of Sol
Hans Kneifel

On 15 June 3438 eighty thousand Collectors appear close to the galactic center and destroy an Akonide spy vessel. They are reinforcements for Vascalo’s fleet but they have miscalculated their jump into the Milky Way and have a long trip ahead of themselves in order to get from the center of the galaxy to the vicinity of the Sol and Vega Systems.

The Solar Marshal, Galbraith Deighton, sends Edmond Pontonac with the battle-cruiser DARA GILGAMA to convince the other human stellar empires of the Milky Way galaxy to help the Solar Imperium (Empire) in its fight against Vascalo’s Collectors. The ship carries on board a Takerer pedo-transferer trapped in the body of a saber tooth tiger to be used as proof of the Cappin danger. After a failed pedo-transfer attempt on a minister, Pontonac secures the promise of military aid from the Norman Federation. During the flight to Rudyn, the capital of the Central Galactic Union, the Takerer pedo-transferer on board of the DARA GILGAMA frees himself but he is soon recaptured. Although at first jailed, Pontonac and his companions also ultimately succeed in bringing the leaders of the Galactic Central Union to the side of the Earth after having announced that one of their representatives has been possessed by a Cappin. After having obtained the support of the third and final human power bloc, the Carsual Alliance, the DARA GILGAMA is confronted during its return flight to Earth by vessels of the Shomona Order. Pontonac and some of his men are interned as hostages on Caudor II in the Syordon System.

During the fight against the Collectors, superior intelligent humans go on board of Terran vessels for the first time. They call themselves Homo Superior and they are convinced pacifists.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-03

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