494 - Der Mond der Gefahren
Moon Of Dangers
Clark Darlton

While Merceile stays on Titan as a Dakkar operator, Ovaron returns to Gruelfin on 11 June 3438. He announces to Perry Rhodan the victory over the Collectors of Vascalo. He also returns with new knowledge which he gained from Vascalo while imprisoned in his body. This knowledge includes the name “Moryr Morma”. The Urmutter (Primordial Mother) receives the code: "Moryr Moryma", which means: "Life and Destroyed Life!" in old gruelfin. It also designates the location of the gigantic pedopeiler of the Takerers in the galaxy NGC 4594 (Gruelfin). This is the pedopeiler which the Takerers are utilizing to send their agents into the Milky Way galaxy. The Urmutter then goes on to tell what happened in this very unique system two hundred seven thousand three hundred years ago.

The young Cappin Schoscholk becomes a member of a secret organization of smugglers after his father's death. With the REALFIN he discovers on the south side of Gruelfin a system whose two suns are bound by a column of energy. This powerful energy field forces Schoscholk to land on Moryma, the moon of the gigantic planet Moryr in orbit around the bridge of energy. The Cappin discovers that the moon possesses a system of caves. He is saved shortly after by a patrol boat.

Some millennia later the Takerers learned how to master by force the field of the energy bridge. They install in the caves of the moon the most efficient pedopeiler of all time.

On June 14 the light cruisers of the MARCO POLO attack the gigantic planet, that now carries the name of Mohrc, and destroy it. Simultaneously Pucky teleports to the moon Moryma with Icho Tolot and the scholarly Wesakeno, Elteruen, who must study the pedopeiler, run by the Takerers inside of the moon. As a result of the destruction of the giant planet Moryr, the moon Moryma begins its inexorable fall toward the sun. After the destruction of the energy station providing power to the hexadim shield around the moon, Pucky is able to teleport back on board the MARCO POLO with his companions.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-03

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