493 - Panik auf Titan
Panic On Titan
Hans Kneifel

Reginald Bell leads the Solar Fleet in a defensive battle against the Collectors and Vassals, of which over 10,000 are destroyed in the battle for the Vega system. The number of robotic attackers is continuously decimated, while the losses of Terran lives are very small. However, the material damage is enormous.

Colonel Edmond Pontonac , the commander of the Saturn moon, Titan, inspects the station of the Ganjo Ovaron. Pontonac has been authorized to control this very important station. The Robot Commander of the station points out that it has noticed the arrival of the collector fleet, intercepted and deciphered the military radio traffic and produced a Dakkarcom connection to Gruelfin.

Soon afterwards Ovaron is notified and informed on the situation in the Milky Way. Immediately Ovaron goes together with Merceile to the Sol System in order to stop Vascalo, the commander of the fleet of collectors. As it suddenly turns out, Roi Danton and the Thunderbolt team somehow managed during their captivity to record Vascalo’s individual data and take it from aboard the collector - now Ovaron will use this data to aim remotely over twelve light years in an attempt to take over Vascalo’s mind.

However, Ovaron’s Pedotransfer into Vascalo’s mind does not succeed because Vascalo is an “Instinctive Pedoautocrat“ . He is able divide his consciousness. With 30% of his consciousness he controls Ovaron’s consciousness in his own body, while with 70% of his consciousness he takes over the body of Ovaron simultaneously. Both of Vascalo’s consciousness halves now operate more or less independently while Ovaron is trapped in Vascalo’s body. Vascalo/Ovaron pretends that the takeover attempt has failed, and wants to rest. Only Colonel Pontonac notices a change in Ovaron’s behavior, invites him into his headquarters and wants to hold him there until he realizes why Ovaron’s behavior is suddenly so dishonest. During the course of the evening Pontonac not only realizes that Vascalo is at work here, but also the change in behavior is noticed by Merceile.

Vascalo/Ovaron flees with the KHS 6382 and aims to bring together the two bodies under his control in the collector fleet. But Pontonac can still get on the ship and sabotages the timetable. The spaceship is stranded in the Alcanaya II system where Pontonac destroys the linear thrusters. After a tough and grueling chase on Canetti A. Beta, Vascalo must give up. By way of Pontonac’s body - Pontonac had offered Vascalo this way out and removed his Dakkar-Shield – Vascalo transfers completely back into his own body. Thus, Ovaron’s consciousness is released and returns to his own body on Canetti A. Beta.

Ovaron and Pontonac are picked up by the TAJIKISTAN and brought back to the Sol System.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-01

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