491 - Transmitter nach Takera
Transmitter To Takera
H.G. Ewers

Also with the second battle before Morschaztas, the Ganjasen remain victorious and beat the Takerer fleet.

Meanwhile, the Terrans on the MARCO POLO prepare "Operation Wasp Nest": by way of the transmitter on the Wesakeno Planet Mayntoho, they want to venture to the ancient Ganjasen spaceship ATTEC, which for 200,000 years has rested on the seafloor of Takera, the main world of the Takerers. There, Arkon bombs should be ignited.

Perry Rhodan and Roi Danton lead the operation while Atlan has instructions to lead the MARCO POLO back to the Milky Way in the case of a failure.

In the beginning, the Terrans hardly encounter any problems at the transaction of their operation: Perry Rhodan identifies himself as a representative of the Ganjo, whereupon the records of Colonel Lyphont, the long dead commander of the ancient Ganjesen vessel who virtually remained for 100 years on the ATTEC and had hoped for reinforcements, become accessible.

The Terrans penetrate into the undersea tunnels constructed by the Ganjasen of the ATTEC until they reach the seafloor. From there, they move in the direction of the mountain Motah, during which they also discover legacies of a much older civilization than the Takerer culture. Some records of this ancient civilization can be rescued. During the exploration of the seafloor, each of the seperate use groups are finally attacked by Marsav Agents. With different tricks, they succeed in distracting the Takerer at first, however the retreat to the ATTEC is very difficult because of the use of Anti-Psi-Fields. The Paladin and Roi Danton are captured by the Takerer and are taken into the VALOSAR. During the interrogation by the Marsav Agent Schymartko, Danton announces no usable information.

Rhodan and his companions stall the activation of the self-destruction of the ATTEC until the last moment, however the Paladin and Danton don't appear. Finally Rhodan gives the retreat signal and the atomic fire begins an hour later under the mountain Motah. Roi Danton, the Paladin and, unfortunately, the Taschkar escape from the inferno. The civilian population of the planet is evacuated.

Michael Mahoney 2015-04-01

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