490 - System der tausend Fallen
System Of The Thousand Traps
H.G. Ewers

Patulli Lokoshan and Lord Zwiebus explore the fleet movements of the Takerer and the Ganjasen with a Lightning-Jet shortly before their juncture in the empty space before Morschaztas. Perry Rhodan and Ovaron discuss the situation soon afterwards: Perry Rhodan plans an attack on Takera in the Greytonor-System. However, he wants to wait the results of the coming battle between the Takerer and the Ganjasen before Morschaztas. The Urmutter informs them about the possibility of a special commando action by means of Florymonth to weaken the Takerer in the Greytonor-System decisively without operating with a spaceship there. A Transmitter to Takera exists in the Bythalon System that is controlled by the Wesakenos. Rhodan grasps the decision to use this possibility.

After the battle before Morschaztas, that finishes in favor of the Ganjasen, the MARCO POLO goes to the Bythalon-System which is surrounded by an asteroid cloud. The contact with the Wesakenos is extremely difficult since they are very distrustful and have built countless traps. Many asteroids are camouflaged spaceships, collectors or lodge forts, orientation installations and bases. The CMP-22, an auxiliary vessel of the MARCO POLO, becomes disabled. However, subsequently, the first radio-contact with the Wesakenos is produced. The MARCO POLO is asked to fly into the asteroid cloud and to demonstrate its good will through it.

After a short discussion, Rhodan agrees to the demand but leaves almost all yawls outside the cloud. Two guides of the Wesakenos comes on board and verify the good intents of the Terrans. From curiosity Rhodan lets a small team examine a defective collector of the Wesakenos, that turns out to be the trap. Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Patulli Lokoshan and the Paladin escape without problems, however the Wesakenos on Mayntoho are provoked into responding. Also the innumerable para-real, thumb-big robot copies of the Earth God Lullog, that is caught in a spacetime rupture but can be freed by Geoffry Abel Waringer and Lokoshan after several experiments, don't contribute to the best communication atmosphere.

The communication with the Wesakenos succeeds despite all the adverse events, and the Wesakenos reveal the circumstances, under which the Transmitter to Takera was originally established. Rhodan informs Ovaron, who has arrived from Morschaztas in the meantime, and activates the Transmitter.

Michael Mahoney 2015-04-01

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