489 - Gucky und der Verräter
Pucky And The Traitor
Clark Darlton

Pucky plans his next special mission. With some support from Ras Tschubai, he can convince Perry Rhodan and Ovaron that the two Teleporters, supported by Merkosh, Cershamon and Arhaeger, should be sent out in order to capture or kill the traitor Guvalasch. The team is already on board the station in the Arrivazone, that can transmit them to the Terrosch Red Cloud. However, just before they are about to depart for the Terrosch Red Cloud the Urmutter initiates an alarm: The Trafidim Stations in the Terrosch Red Cloud have almost all been destroyed, and the special use team should come back as fast as possible on board the MARCO POLO. However, it is already too late. Pucky and Ras Tschubai bring the companions to safety per Teleportation. After they teleport 4 light-years, they reach the MARCO POLO.

The Ganjasen spaceship TSCHAR, whose captain is named Remotlas, comes back with an illegal freight from a long flight through the small galaxy Morschaztas. Two light-years before Remotlas' base-world Eden the ship's linear-converter stops working and the ship’s android, Tibora, must install a substitute-converter. Moreover, some patrol-cruisers, that behave very unusually, suddenly appear and pursue the TSCHAR. As they suddenly shoot at the TSCHAR, one of the TSCHAR crew members, Remtaschatz, suspects pirates on board of the pursuing ships. Since Tibora could exchange the linear-engine, the TSCHAR is able to escape safely, and Remotlas lands on Eden. The adventurers belong to the first Cappins, that notice the return-fall of Morschaztas into the normal-space.

Morschaztas is no longer in the protection of the Sextadim-Shield, and Ovaron expects an attack of the Takerers. While he settles his domestic problems, Rhodan with the MARCO POLO wants to determine the position of the Takerer fleet. After a short search, the MARCO POLO promptly discovers the Taschkar's fleet, that by chance travels exactly with sub-speed of light in direction of Morschaztas. Pucky still insists on a special-use and lets Mentro Kosum fly his small team in a Space-Jet into the middle of the Takerer fleet. The MARCO POLO executes feints with its auxiliary vessels and Cruisers on the Takerer fleet. The 100,000 Takerer ships react so heavily to the threat that the Space-Jet advances unhindered into the heart of the fleet and the use-team can teleport onto the ship of the Taschkar without problems - this is aided by the fact that exactly there Pucky could detect and read Guvalasch’s thought impulses.

Fortunately, they materialize in a storeroom of the Taschkar’s flagship. Pucky explores the situation inconspicuously and finds out that Guvalasch with the Komudak-Belt (Command-Belt) wants to bring the Urmutter to the self-destruction. Pucky teleports with his companions into the room, where Guvalasch immediately attempts to attack them with his weapon. Pucky shoots and kills him. Then he takes the belt and brings the Mutants again into the storeroom. However, the Takerers quickly detect them and only with great effort can the companions hold their position. Pucky recognizes that the Taschkar has already fled his flagship per ship transmitter. Cershamon now cripples all energy-streams in the Takerer flagship, and Pucky attempts to contact either Mentro Kosum or the MARCO POLO.

Mentro Kosum and Arhaeger remained behind in the Space-Jet. Since the Takerers can now coordinate their actions more efficiently, Kosum flees into the linear space. Takerer units pursue the spaceship with the aid of their Halbraumspürer (Semi-Space Detector), and since, by chance, Mentro Kosum locates a dark world, he hides the Space-Jet there and turns off all treacherous energy installations. After three hours, Kosum returns to the fleet since he successfully shook off his Takerer pursuers. Meanwhile, however, the MARCO POLO has long since fled the sight of the battle in the direction of Morschaztas in view of the Takerers’ superior strength.

The Taschkar, who is no more in his hardly still working flagship, orders the annihilation of the four Mutants who have infiltrated his ship. Instead of just simply destroying the ship, he sends in a Takerer Robot battalion, that Merkosh yells to dust. The Takerers can restore the energy supply and can extinguish most of the fires on the ship. While Cershamon utilizes his energy-shutter gift in order to hold the protection-forcefield around the Takerer ship inoperable, Pucky, Merkosh and Ras Tschubai teleport on board of the Space-Jet that has just returned from the dark planet. Cershamon sacrifices himself so that the other three mutants can escape.

Back in Morschaztas Pucky gives the Komudak-Belt to Ovaron, and Ovaron gives a speech to the Ganjasen people. Meanwhile, Pucky makes self-reproaches for himself because he allowed Cershamon to sacrifice himself. His companions can cheer him up again, however.

Michael Mahoney 2014-09-27

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