488 - Plan der Vernichtung
Plan Of The Annihilation
Hans Kneifel

The traitor and former Sextolotse, Guvalasch, flees from the Terrosch Red Cloud on board of a Collector, which he stole with the help of his Komudak Belt (Command Belt). With increasing distance from the cloud, the command impulses of the Komudak device lose effect. The Collector opposes the passenger and Guvalasch has to escape in a Vassal until also this fails. The Sextolotse is eventually saved by a Takerer fleet of 500 ships which receive his radio calls for help and pick him up.

He can make the Takerer commander, Raekolond, believe that he has valuable information for the Taschkar, and he portrays to him the situation in Morschaztas. The Taschkar orders the old Pedolotsen into the Greytonor System in order to negotiate personally with him. After the negotiation, the Takerer robot brain in the VALOSAR confirms the statements of the Sextolotsen. The Taschkar orders 85,000 spaceships to the Red Cloud.

Guvalasch left the Komudak Belt with Raekolond while in the Greytonor System and now, upon his return to the Takerer Fleet, takes it into his possession again. He operates the circuits, that results in his gaining control over the 120,000 Collectors of the cloud. He lets them attack the Trafidim Stations that hold the small galaxy Morschaztas in a hyperspace blister. He hopes to destroy these stations so that the small galaxy falls back into the normal space.

In Morschaztas, Perry Rhodan and Ovaron learn from the Urmutter (Primordial Mother) about the events in Gruelfin. They don't know what the Collectors intend with their attacks, and Rhodan sends Joaquin Manuel Cascal, Ras Tschubai, Alaska Saedelaere, Geoffry Abel Waringer and the Ganjasen scientist Imaynschal on a reconnaissance mission into the red cloud.

The Urmutter and the Ganjo approve the excursion, and on board of the space station in the Terrosch Red Cloud the reconnaissance team obtains from the Urmutter a special ship, with which they observe the badly coordinated attacks of the Collectors. They also spot the Takerer fleet, that pursues the events in the red cloud from a safe distance. With the return to the Arrivazone, the Urmutter casually informs the expeditionary team about the side-effect of a cancellation of all Trafidim Stations. Cascal immediately places Ovaron and Rhodan in knowledge over it, and Ovaron prepares Morschaztas for the defense against an imminent Takerer attack.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-30

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