487 - Ich, der Ganjo
I, The Ganjo
William Voltz

The Urmutter orders the Ganjasen of the Morschaztas Galaxy to discontinue all attacks against the Terran ships. Tetman Tarino offers the use of a greater space-ship to Perry Rhodan and Ovaron. With considerable problems, the three men succeed with it to venture to the surface of Erysgan, to handle the Ganjo Priests patrolling there and to enter the TARSON. Commander Jamconsch takes the Tetman's side and acts little impressed by the outlook of being fired upon by the ground forts of the Ganjo Priests upon takeoff.

Sextolotse Guvalasch gives the robot forts the fire-command. Also small-spaceships with fanatical Ganjo Priests oppose the TARSON as it takes off. On the other hand, the regular armed forces of Erysgan take no action and just wait. Guvalasch suffers a severe epileptic-like attack. However, the doctors medicate him and the attack subsides. The Sextolotse cannot nominate any new Tetman since the Ganjasen commanders would rather resign from their posts than take over Tarino's position. So, Guvalasch allows a "Technical Committee" to provide order again in Cappinoscha.

The TARSON arrives unchecked at the ARRIVANUM. The protection-umbrella about the planet Sikohat goes out in view of the arrival of the true Ganjo. Guvalasch orders the local Ganjo Priests to attack the Tetman's ship. The TARSON lands at a free place on the planet's surface while Rhodan and Ovaron with a yawl perform a separate landing. Admittedly, also this yawl by tractor-radiations is forced into the landing, however the from-passed fight-units of the TARSON - gliders, robots and soldiers - impede Rhodan's and Ovaron's arrest by the Ganjo priests.

The two companions succeed with struggling along as far as to the Ovarasch where they are finally discovered. Ovaron's presence is recognized by the Ovarasch, and the walls of the obelisk open for a very short period of time. Rhodan and Ovaron reach the security of its interior. In a completely dark room, they finally find an arm of Terton the Dark, that is let into the wall. Terton introduces himself as a negative projection of the Ganjo and identifies Ovaron for the Urmutter. A test, that the Urmutter developed on the command of Ovaron 200,000 years before, begins with it in order to prevent the abuse of power by either himself or an imposter. The labyrinth in the inside of the Ovarasch includes locked doors, hidden transmitters and suddenly appearing robots that attack them. Terton represents the final test which places himself against Ovaron in order to secure his existence. He fixes Ovaron and Rhodan in two tubes. After a long consultation, Rhodan persuades the Ganjo to Pedotransfer into Terton. As a result, Terton vanishes and Ovaron and Rhodan are freed.

Ovaron now is expected in the programming-headquarters of the Urmutter by Florymonth and is identified as the true Ganjo. The Urmutter grants him full access to its power-means. As his first official acts, Ovaron gets the Ganjator Maischat from the Arrivazone, allows the announcement of the return of the rightful Ganjo to be broadcasted throughout Morschaztas and orders the ouster of the false Ganjo and Guvalasch on Erysgan.

Guvalasch learns about Ovaron's success in the Ovarasch and his impending advance on Erysgan. Now, he decides that he as well as the five Pedolotsen accompanying him should position their Komudak-Devices (devices that can override the Urmutter's commands). The false Ganjo, Fenarol, decides to place himself against the Pedolotsen, and carries off a handgun in the government-building. Still before he arrives again in the vicinity of the Pedolotsen, the building is attacked by Perdaschisten, Farrogs and troops of the Tetman's as well as of the Ganjatoren. Both sides use the intercoms of the government buildings in order to alert everyone to their point of view. Fenarol publicly reveals himself as the false Ganjo, at which time Guvalasch orders his assassination. Despite being seriously wounded, Fenarol struggles through to the Transmitter room and kills the five Pedolotsen. Only Guvalasch successfully protects himself and, for his part, kills Fenarol. Afterwards the Sextolotse flees through the already switched on Transmitter.

Coming per Transmitter to Sikohat, Ovaron immediately goes to the main government building on Erysgan. The battle around the government quarter stands shortly before its end. There, he finds the dying Fenarol, who, however, cannot announce any more useful information.

After the end of the battle, Perry Rhodan and Ovaron take part in the ceremonies, that are organized for the return of the Ganjo.

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