486 - Zwischen Weltraum und Untergrund
Between Space And Underground
William Voltz

Rhodan/Ovaron, Atlan/Merceile, Arhaeger and the Ganjatoren want to push forward by means of the tube-track more deeply into the underworld of Erysgan - in fact, all the way to Farrobana, the capital of the Farrogs. They also meet Swamp-Henry again, who was found by the Farrogs. Before the departure, however, Florymonth appears and blocks the track. Rhodan/Ovaron prevents that the Farrogs fire on the robot, and speaks with the green-skinned giant. Rhodan/Ovaron asks for access to the Passier-Konvulsator.

With support from the Ganjatoren, Florymonth can be persuaded to procure the access for them. Ovaron takes over the First Ganjator, Maischat, and steps thru Florymonthís transmitter to the Arrivazone. Florymonth vanishes shortly afterwards. Perry Rhodan and Atlan remain behind, since they want to view the city of Farrobana.

The Ganjo reaches the Arrivazone without problems and, utilizing the Pedopeiler of the Gigantic Transmitter located there, pedotransfers back to his body on the MARCO POLO. Thus, his ‹BSEF-Constant reaches again on board the MARCO POLO. In the Terrosch Red Cloud, unrest has grown among the personnel of the MARCO POLO in the three weeks since Rhodan and Atlan left. Roi Danton even tolerates brawls as a distraction for the crew. Attacks on the pseudo-bodies (Tzlaafs) of the two Cappins are a concern as Ovaron appears again.

With effort, Ovaron and Florymonth can convince the crew of the situation in the Morschaztas Galaxy. The Collectors generate a protection field around the MARCO POLO and leads the MARCO POLO to the Transmitter in the center of the Terrosch Red Cloud, with which the Terran ship is transported into the Arrivazone. There, the Ganjasen fleet, which is now controlled by the Pedolotsen, waits at the structure-sluice between the Arrivazone and the rest of the Morschaztas Galaxy. The MARCO POLO is trapped in the Arrivazone, into which the Ganjasen fleet is prevented from entering by the Urmutter. Thus, a stalemate ensues between the two sides. However, a faked attempt at an outbreak from the Arrivazone can be used by the MARCO POLO as a diversion so that one of its auxiliary cruisers, the CMP-1, can successfully slip thru the Ganjasen Blockade fleet.

In Farrobana, the first reports about the forcible penetration of the Ganjo Priests into the underground of the planet are announced. Then Ovaron appears again in Rhodanís consciousness and brings the message of the arrival of the CMP -1. Rhodan immediately arranges with the Farrogs to have a transmitter put to the disposal of himself and Atlan. The CMP-1 sends Alaska Saedelaere, Merkosh, Takvorian Ovaron, Merceile, Pucky, Icho Tolot, Ras Tschubai and the Paladin per transmitter to Farrobana. This Terran commando team immediately heads for the battlefront just below the surface of the planet.

Meanwhile, Tetman Tarino with his fleet and elite troops has intervened into the confrontation on the orders of Guvalasch and the false Ganjo. However, he still has misgivings about pursuing a war against the Farrogs. The Tetman is then taken over by Ovaron, who is in his proximity thanks to Pucky. The Terrans return to Farrobana with Tarino who is convinced of Ovaronís and the Terranís legitimacy. He gives the command to his troops to stop shooting.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-16

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