485 - Die Mutanten von Erysgan
The Mutants Of Erysgan
H.G. Ewers

Remotlas arranges that Perry Rhodan/Ovaron, with the help of an experience simulator, learns about the events that happened in the Morschaztas Galaxy during the absence of the Ganjo. Especially intense is Rhodan's experiences in the role of the fictitious Mutant Ervelan, who accompanies the admiral Farro to the Urmutter.

After he is awakened from the realistic simulated dream, Rhodan asks for the Farrogs, who still live in the low bunker installations in Morschaztas. Also on Erysgan exist Farrogs, who are commanded by Arhaeger, a Mutant notorious for his cruelty. Rhodan and Atlan decide that they want to free the Ganjatoren, which is impossible without the help of the Farrogs. Remotlas therefore contacts the Mutants of the underworld and gets permission to penetrate into the tunnel system of the Farrogs.

After a difficult trip through half of the capital city Cappinoscha, the companions reach the Pakolan Bunker where await not only the two contacts of the Farrogs, Poncruter and Lapender, but also two agents of the secret service, who want to prevent the Terrans from establishing contact with the Farrogs. However, they can be overpowered. Lapender and Poncruter, two misshapen Mutants, finally agree to bring Rhodan and Atlan to Arhaeger.

The way leads through innumerable trap-systems, as for example personal destructors, Hullahs, pulsating chambers with dissolving bridges and decompression chambers. Finally, they reach Arhaeger, who welcomes the arrivals rather adversely. He brings them to the temple of Farro where he tests, with the aid of the Tryzo Obelisk, whether Ovaron's spirit actually is in Perry Rhodan. His skeptical and hostile behavior changes into servility after Rhodan/Ovaron passes the test.

With an army of the Farrog-Mutants, the Terrans, in the company of Arhaeger, Remotlas, Poncruter and Lapender, storm to the surface and attack the prison, in which the Ganjatoren are held on to by the Pedolotsen. The Pedolotsen first enter the battle with elite-troops, and then with drone-like Akhjis. The command unit of the Akhjis can be successfully attacked and destroyed during which, however, Poncruter and Lapender are killed. This allows the retreat of the Farrgos together with the relieved Ganjatoren into the underground.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-13

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