484 - Das Ende der Odikon
The End Of The ODIKON
William Voltz

On board of the ODIKON, Fentorsch, that is the ship-conscience on this trip, reports that something is not right with the two passengers, Perry Rhodan and Atlan. Commander Recimoran questions the two guests, but does not find out anything on that occasion. As a result, the Pedotransferers Ovaron and Merceile are not discovered within Rhodan and Atlan. Ovaron plans to transfer back into the MARCO POLO even if the route between Morschaztas and Gruelfin amounts to many thousand light-years.

With the Pedotransfer, Ovaron's consciousness comes upon a barrier. He is caught and back-hurled, during which he carries away large quantities of hyper-energy. As a result of this excess energy, the temperature within the ODIKON rises into the unbearable to only then fall rapidly after an internal implosion. The ODIKON is torn from the semi-space with damaged installations and is disabled. Rhodan now reveals Ovaron's presence on board, while Recimoran explains that Morschaztas was embedded by the Ganjasen in the hyperspace.

Meanwhile, the Pedolotsen alarm the Ganjasen fleet and order the pursuit of the ODIKON. At the same time, they have the false Ganjo on Erysgan takes over the governmental power from the Ganjatoren. The up to now tolerated headquarters of the Perdaschisten in Cappinoscha is also attacked. The leader of the Perdaschisten, Remotlas, initiates an evacuation of the headquarters whose personnel are dispersed to numerous secret alternative bases.

Finally, the ODIKON reaches the planet Erysgan. Rhodan demands that a yawl is made available to him and Atlan so that they can land unseen on the planet while the ODIKON lands officially on a space-harbor. Shortly before the start, Rhodan and Atlan spot the Clooser Swamp-Henry, a wise intelligent pet of the Perdaschisten. Recimoran demands that they break off the start but Rhodan insists on the immediate launch of the yawl. After the yawl with Rhodan, Atlan and Swamp Henry departs, the ODIKON is destroyed as it is coming in for a landing. Rhodan and Atlan execute a crash landing on the planet near some mountains. They also help Swamp-Henry to escape from the yawl before they part with him.

They get going on the road to Cappinoscha, but are detained again and again: A girl, apparently the daughter of one of the Ganjatoren, gets in their way but can be convinced to leave the two alone. Then, Rhodan and Atlan must avoid a mobile Transmitter Wagon, that is traveling on the road to Cappinoscha. They decide to attack the car, during which Ovaron takes over the driver for a short period of time. Far however they don't come with the car, because search-gliders surrounds them a little later and attack the car. At the last moment, they successfully escape through the Transmitter.

The security forces of the Ganjasen are still not coordinated: The counter-station of the Transmitter is guarded only by an old, if powerful, Ganjasen, that can be overpowered easily. Rhodan and Atlan are chased by the security organizations of the capital city until they finally reach into an amusement center, one of the conjectural retreat places of the Perdaschisten. During the escape from a group soldiers within the amusement center a man speaks to Rhodan, who turns out by chance to be a Perdaschist and brings them directly to the headquarters of the Perdaschisten leader, Remotlas.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-13

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