483 - Im Zeichen des Ganjos
Under The Sign Of The Ganjo
H.G. Ewers

Avimol is a Ganjo Priest and pilgrim who, along with his three friends from Uarte, lands on the planet ARRIVANUM. The four Ganjo Priests from Uarte attract attention in the pilgrim-masses, and Avimol is soon contacted by Askosan who wants to recruit the intellectually working Biotarn Technician for the Perdaschisten (the resistance organization against the Pedolotsen). After a secret meeting, Avimol is completely convinced of the correctness of the goals of the Perdaschisten. However, he gets into serious trouble on the basis of a careless remark opposite other Ganjo Priests - he makes the remark that the Pedolotsen are swindlers. This Ganjo blasphemy is picked up by the masses badly, and soon, a manhunt by the Arriva-guards for the Uarter begins.

Meanwhile, four days after the renewed capture of Perry Rhodan/Ovaron and Atlan/Merceile, Guvalasch still didn't allow the swearing in of any successors for the five killed Pedolotsen. Instead, he lets the two prisoners brought to an identification installation in Pedoar where he confronts them with the false Ganjo, who the Pedolotsen freed from the Takerers by force. The identification proceeds positively, and a circuit is triggered that makes all the Ganjasen conscious of the arrival of the Ganjo on ARRIVANUM. Rhodan and Atlan succeed with fleeing in the energetic chaos that follows. Temporarily, Ovaron can take over the false Ganjo, and his companions (Rhodan and Atlan) can disable several of their persecutors before the false Ganjo can escape. In on area, Rhodan frees an Urutak (a type of semi-intelligent animal), that follows them as a result and helps them from several risky situations.

Finally, Rhodan and Atlan succeed in escaping from the Pedolotsen, Arriva-Guards and Ganjo-Priests of the Ovarasch (the obelisk shrine dedicated to Ovaron). Disguised as pilgrims, they reach the place where Guvalasch is, at that very moment, presenting the false Ganjo as real to a fanatical crowd and, at the same time, initiating a large-scale search for the Terrans. As Rhodan and Atlan are the only "pilgrims" who don't comply with the invitation to look for the treacherous Terrans, they are stopped and must flee. In the correct assessment, that the Pedolotsen will not take their own sanctuary under fire, they seek protection at the Ovarasch, that surprisingly opens for them.

However, the secret station within the Ovarasch turns out to be of only modest help: it offers meals and peace from the persecutors. At the subsequent outbreak from the besieged Ovarasch, the robotic station commander offers the help them through the use of a type of time-field-projectors, that slows down the timeframe of the besiegers for a few minutes by about the hundredfold. This way, Rhodan/Ovaron and Atlan/Merceile escape from the siege-circle around the Ovarasch.

Over the night, Avimol could camouflage himself as tree. However, he now looks for a possibility to escape from the planet. He suddenly notices that his environment moves much faster, and that two men hasten past him on the escape from the Arriva-Guards. He follows them since he suspects that it is about the Terrans, who deceived the Ganjo according to the description of the Sextolotsen. He almost succeeds with overpowering Rhodan and Atlan, however the found out fighter is placed besides skirmish and is informed about the actual circumstances of the two fleeing Terrans. He promises to help them by contacting the Perdaschisten.

Rhodan and Atlan are encircled by the Arriva-guards and can escape only with effort through a secret tunnel in an old temple-installation. The tunnel leads them into a Ganjasen home for the mentally impaired, who are regarded as incurable. They are mistaken by the service-robots for patients and are treated accordingly. As they escape from the careful robots, they are soon hunted again by Arriva-guards. The Perdaschisten spaceship ODIKON can save them at the last moment.

Avimol, who helped Rhodan/Ovaron and Atlan/Merceile to reach the ODIKON, stays behind on the planet and composes himself to be killed by the Arriva-Guards. However, instead of the Arriva-Guards arriving at his position where he is seriously injured, it is his companions from Uarte - Loboruth, Quinfaldim and Soncopet - who have joined the Perdaschisten cause and want to help him in the continuing struggle on ARRIVANUM.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-10

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