482 - Die Feinde des Ganjos
The Enemies Of The Ganjo
Hans Kneifel

Two days have passed since Perry Rhodan and Atlan left the MARCO POLO. The Terran flagship is surrounded more and more densely by Collectors. Joaquin Manuel Cascal and LaGrange Tuscalosa ponder about the present situation when the first attacks of Paralipophobie occur - they wrongly understand a "fear of the threatening catastrophe" by this expression.

Ovaron transmits an encoded Morse Code message through a pulsation of his pseudo-body: MDFH, which when decoded means, that a severe danger threatens. On board of the MARCO POLO, the personnel should be careful and act after much thought since Ovaron fears a trap. This message brings Roi Danton, who occupies the expeditionary leadership in Rhodan’s absence, little new findings, especially since also the Mutants receive incomprehensible Sextadim-impulses, that they interpret as threatening danger.

Meanwhile, the three Pedolotsen, Heperyn, Naskalay and Fenateryn, have arrived in the central station of the Terrosch Red Cloud and prepare to implement their plan, the Operation WOBOSCH-III, that they had arranged with the Urmutter.

The Collectors suddenly attack the MARCO POLO. Roi Danton puts down a message to the Urmutter and tells her about Ovaron’s presence on board. Some Collectors and their vassals are destroyed before the Urmutter can process the message and break off the attack. The Urmutter finally answers and assures that the MARCO POLO is now safe. She is ready to negotiate. Soon afterwards, Florymonth appears and explains, that the Pedolotsen want to meet with the Terrans.

Instead of placing in movement the MARCO POLO, Danton induces that a Commando Team composed of ten people is put together. He picks Cascal, Tuscalosa, Claudia Chabrol, Pucky, Lord Zwiebus, Icho Tolot, Tioga Hillcrest, Alaska Saedelaere, the Paladin and Ras Tschubai. They are brought by a Space-Jet on board of a Collector. After their arrival in the center of the Terrosch Red Cloud, they are emitted by a Transmitter into the main station.

The three Pedolotsen are in the contact-room for the Urmutter and don't have any idea that more creatures are on board. Pucky cannot read their thoughts, however, he is able to determine a hostile intent. He brings three of the Siganesens of the Paladin to the location of the Pedolotsen. They then eavesdrop on the Pedolotsen. The Pedolotsen induce the Urmutter to withdraw 2,851 Collectors. They have a good reason for it but they pursue only one contingency plan: The Collectors should link themselves together and the Urmutter will eventually take over control of the emerging fragment. However, they will act quickly and annihilate the MARCO POLO with this huge collector fragment before the Urmutter can intervene.

The three Siganesens can eavesdrop on this plan, while the rest of the Terran reconnaissance team separates and explores the station. The companions hold contact with each other only over radio. Pucky is knocked out by a cleaning-robot with a toxic cleaner. Tolot saves him only by accident. The team picks out a recuperation-center as their headquarters in the station and separates after it, in order to still reach the two switch-stations before the Pedolotsen. In these two switch stations the “together-divine providence-circuit” is activated - in effect the Pedolotsen can direct the huge collector fragment to attack the MARCO POLO from these two locations. The Terran Commando Team is detained by Florymonth, to whom, however, they can disclose the plan of the Pedolotsen plausibly. As a result, the Urmutter opposes the three Pedolotsen and separates the exactly originating collector-fragment again into its components.

The Terrans can kill the Pedolotsen one after the other and can come back on board the MARCO POLO afterwards.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-09

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