481 - Die Clique der Verräter
The Clique Of The Traitors
William Voltz

From the planet Parkos-Lesch, five Kreminen are abducted and over many centuries are changed through an agonizing process by the Pedolotsen (leaders of a Ganjasen religious sect) into a Pedo-trap. One finds out the distressful history of the Kreminen Krecster-Kalopcs.

Perry Rhodan and Atlan come out through Florymonth’s transmitter in a gigantic hall, that is in the center of the Terrosch Red Cloud. Also Florymonth appears and informs Rhodan and Atlan as well as the pedotransfered Ovaron and Merceile (who are in Rhodan’s and Atlan’s bodies) about the nature of the space station they are now in. With the energy, that is won from the gas-cloud, it is prevented, that the cloud conglomerates into a sun. The surplus energy is derived into the hyperspace. Florymonth refers to a gigantic transmitter and insists that the four companions step through it.

Meanwhile, the Pedolotsen learn about the activity of the installations in the Terrosch Red Cloud and prepares for the neutralization of the Ganjo. The Sextolotse Guvalasch, leader of the Pedolotsen, survives a confrontation with a competitor, who would like to take his position. After arriving in the station where the Pedo-trap is located, the Pedolotsen take their position as a reception-committee. It is a shock for them that no one of the two arrivals is the Ganjo. They initially do not realize that Ovaron is in Rhodan’s body.

However, Guvalasch quickly adjusts to the changed situation and decides not to kill Rhodan and Atlan but to hold them for the time being as prisoners. The strange situation procures the total control for him over the remaining Pedolotsen, who had not expected a failure of their plan. While the Pedolotsen discuss the current situation in a neighboring room, Rhodan and Atlan suddenly attack the robot guards since, in a moment of panic, Merceile’s consciousness left Atlan and, as a result, is now stuck in the Pedo-trap. She finds herself occupying the minds of the five Kreminen. Rhodan can escape with Florymonth and finally finds the room, in which the Pedo-trap is. Soon, Guvalasch as well as the Pedolotsen with their Robot-soldiers and the caught Atlan reach the room after them. As Rhodan and Atlan emerge and surrender once again, Florymonth begins a fire skirmish, during which the Pedo-trap is destroyed and all five Kreminen finally find a merciful death. Merceile manages to escape from the Kreminen bodies at the last minute and return to Atlan’s body. Florymonth can cover the escape of Rhodan/Ovaron and Atlan/Merceile before he dissolves into nothingness.

The Pedolotsen give up a personal pursuit of their fleeing prisoners, who are ultimately captured by the Robot-guards of the Ganjasen anyhow.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-08

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