480 - Der Dieb von Gruelfin
The Thief Of Gruelfin
William Voltz

Captain Mercedes catches Mason Grammick in the act of the procuring new spare parts for Folly Utter.

The MARCO POLO follows the Collector from the Cham System, that moves in the direction of the galactic periphery. After the third linear-stage, the Collector suddenly attacks - 2000 vassals emerge from it and open fire on the Terran long distance spaceship. The vassals can be repulsed easily. Suddenly, Ovaron receives dakkarcom signals that forbid the Collector from carrying out further attacks against the MARCO POLO. Unchecked, the MARCO POLO follows the Collector as far as to the Terrosch Red Cloud, where several thousand further Vassals (Collectors) are present.

It takes a long time in order to persuade Ovaron to use his armband dakkarcom. Two hours after he does finally send a message over his armband, Florymonth appears on board. He is considered an ambassador of the Ganjasen by Perry Rhodan and Ovaron and the crew is given orders not to touch or interfere with him. The clumsy, green-skinned giant becomes active during the following hours as an “aggregate-collector (thief)”. Among other things, he steals a denture, an observatory data-storage unit, instruments and parts from the fire control- and radio-headquarters, Folly Utter, and a SERT-hood. Professor Tajiri Kase and Roi Danton, who pursue Florymonth, cannot win any meaningful realizations from his bizarre behavior. Meanwhile, all officers, engineers and scientists, in whose area of activity Florymonth steals objects, formally protest to Perry Rhodan. The ship’s crew is on the edge of mutiny.

However the theft series finally finishes and Ovaron can give Florymonth commands. The giant undergoes a change and, as a result, 10,000 Collectors in the Terrosch Red Cloud beam a powerful signal, per Dakkarcom, throughout Gruelfin stating that the Ganjo has returned. Then Florymonth declares that he will bring the Ganjo back to the Ganjasen. However, his companions are to be destroyed by the Collectors. From this point of view, Florymonth is not moved even after long discussions with Rhodan, Atlan, Ovaron, Danton and Merceile. Finally, Rhodan decides in favor of a trick: Ovaron should take him over, and then, Rhodan/Ovaron will come together with Atlan/Merceile with Florymonth. The bodies of the two Cappins should remain on board of the MARCO POLO and, consequently, should secure the further existence of the ship. The Positronic brain of Florymonth has no choice but to accept this compromise and builds a transmitter in his body, through which Rhodan’s and Atlan’s bodies step. Florymonth vanishes after it. The MARCO POLO remains behind in the Terrosch Red Cloud, surrounded by Collectors.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-08

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