479 - Ganjo-Alarm
Clark Darlton

The Terrans on board the MARCO POLO wait for new events that will give them an indication of how they can either thwart the invasion preparations of the Takerers or how they can find the Ganjasens. The MARCO POLO receives the “Ganjo Alarm”, which comes from the Aroch System, and the Terrans leave the orientation protection of point Davis to investigate the origin of the signal.

On the ice-planet Cham live the primitive Chamyros, fish-human beings, that are in a constant fight for survival with the rough climate and with other hostile Chamyro tribes. One of the Chamyros is a telepath, and with it a valuable addition to his tribe. The telepath’s name is Hamart and as he receives (during one of his reconnaissance-trips) cries for help from another telepath, he immediately gets going to free the unknown telepath from his emergency-situation. The other telepath turns out to be a giant-octopus named Guyl. The two telepaths become friends and get going in order to explore one of the oldest legends of the Chamyros: A station on the seafloor.

On the way, they meet the also telepathically gifted Dronal, and, soon afterwards, the trio can find the ganjasen station. Guyl clears a way for them into the station. While Guyl fights with robots and angrily dismantles the station, Hamart explores the dome and operates circuits indiscriminately. On that occasion he also inadvertently triggers the Ganjo-Alarm and then gets trapped in an awakening Collector, which rests in the planet-crust of Cham. The Collector rises from the sea and, in so doing, it changes the surface of the planet massively.

The MARCO POLO arrives at the planet, and Perry Rhodan sends a team to explore the situation. Initially, Pucky questions Dronal who is now the single member of the trio still in the station on the seafloor, and can save Hamart from the Collector thanks to his portrayals. After an interrogation on the MARCO POLO, with which it is established that the alarm was caused only inadvertently, Hamart is brought back to Cham. Pucky also meets the giant-octopus Guyl on that occasion, who leaves a lasting impression on him.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-08

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