478 - Die Schlacht um Olymp
The Battle Around Olymp
H.G. Ewers

Balton Wyt has taken over the governmental power on Olymp and receives, as head of state of the free traders, Reginald Bell, Julian Tifflor and Ribald Corello, who arrive on the space-harbor Tercho with the CARTHAGE. The landing field is attacked by fight-robots that, however, can be repelled without human losses. During the battle, also the Space-Jet of the kamashite fauna-master Lesska Lokoshan is shot down. However, the passenger can escape with a capsule.

The Haluter, Kalan Zorkh, who has been taken over by the Takerer leader, Karam Akanjii, is present at a conference of the Terran leaders and learns on that occasion that the USO-Specialist Arvil Rouman collected information about the invaders. Akanjii-Zorkh immediately returns to the operation-base of the Takerer, the EX-BOX 123, from where the prosecution order to pursue and kill Rouman is given by Akanjii. Rouman actually is killed before he meets with Balton Wyt in a submarine station on Olymp, and only with good luck and the support of Bell and Galbraith Deighton can Wyt escape the attack of the Cappins, that is executed by a Phylonier who has been taken over by a Takerer. After some time, the Terrans are rescued from the sub-sea station.

Meanwhile, Takerer attacks are committed also on Terra. The destruction of the laboratory Candela-1, in which the Waringer Team tests the pioneered Pedotraps, with which Pedotransferers can be caught, is especially tragic. The scientists are asked by Admiral Ivan Markoff to intensify their efforts.

The Vario-500 can finally be rescued. Since his Argyris Mask is disabled, he takes over the governmental power on Olymp disguised as Prince Huron Palater. The attack on Anson Argyris by the loyal Maorghys, an Olymp leadership-squad, can be repulsed by Lesska Lokoshan. The Mutant Wyt and Corello are put into action in order to recognize those important personalities who have been taken over by the Takerers and, if possible, to disable them. However, they are only partially successful. Corello must repulse takeover-attempts on the one hand and must fight the saboteurs on the other hand, who don't have second thoughts also about the use of atomic weapons in huge numbers. Because Corello with his defense-attempts accidentally kills hundreds of people, Lesska Lokoshan is assigned to him as an "instinct-guard".

Meanwhile, NATHAN has determined that the Posbi Ship EX-BOX 123 is the possible center of the Cappin Invasion, and also Huron Palater has become suspicious about Zorkh. Corello and Lokoshan go into action on board the Posbi BOX, and can prove that the Takerers hide in the spaceship. In the meantime, the invaders concentrate no more on military but on medical and civilian goals and commit many terror acts. The EX-BOX is stormed by fight-robots, and Kalan Zorkh, now free of the Takerer Akanjii, can give information about the Pedopeiler, from which the Takerers transferred on board the EX-BOX 123.

However, the Takerers are still on Olymp and commit attacks. Julian Tifflor alarms the 24th heavy battle-fleet and ventures into the Eastside with it, where the Pedopeiler is found quickly thanks to Zorkh's statements. After the bombardment, even with transform-bombs, remains ineffective, Corello and Lokoshan sign on for a risky mission with a space-lentil. Corello can destroy the Pedopeiler by means of his telepsimatic powers. A distress signal from the Pedopeiler induced the return from Olymp of all the Pedotransferers who subsequently die with the destruction of the Pedopeiler.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-07

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