477 - Invasion der Schatten
Invasion Of The Shadows
H.G. Ewers

By command of the Taschkar, Karam Akanjii, commander of the Takerers in the Milky Way, should begin with the Pedoinvasion. He executes this command dutifully...

The EX-BOX 123 under the command of Kalan Zorkh comes back to Olymp after one year of reconnaissance in the Eastside of the Milky Way. Emperor Anson Argyris prepares a cordial reception for the Terrans as well as the Colonial Terrans.

The next morning begins with a series of attacks: The ALVAMIRA fires on the Hypertronzapfer at the Olymp North Pole station. The automatic defense-forts shoot at the ship, there are further faulty-functions, and before Anson Argyris can give instructions to the population of the planet, the hyper-video state-station on Olymp is cancelled. Also the Transmitter street into the Sol System is cancelled, and on Olymp chaos reigns.

In the Sol System, Balton Wyt is sent into the use. He arrives with the SPARTA in the Boscyk System. However, the watch-cruiser LOVELY BOSCYK abruptly fires on the ship of the solar fleet. Wyt quickly comprehends that Takerer Pedotransferers are at the work here, and arrives on board the LOVELY BOSCYK with an armed landing party. He finds the commander, Kimray Wyt, and puts the Pedotransferers to flight.

Once the SPARTA lands on Olymp, Wyt can initially get some rest before Argyris informs him about the situation. Balton Wyt inspects the North Pole Station and can identify and eliminate six taken over technicians as well as the director. However it becomes clear in view of the innumerable sabotage acts that the operation-base of the Takerer must be located and taken out as quickly as possible. The suspected location of this base in on Fireplace, one of the inner planets of the Boscyk System, and the two Wyts go there. They actually do discover a cavity finally, however they ultimately determine that only a mighty essence, that surrounds itself with illusions, is alive there. A base of the Takerer is not found, and so the two Wyts come back again to Olymp.

There, also the emperor himself now is the victim of a Pedotransferer attack. The plasma-part of his brain is mastered by Akanjii, however the Positronic portion of his brain fights against the takeover with success. The Vario-500 rants uncontrollably through its palace and leaves behind itself a trail of destruction. His secretary, Phyl Amant, can lock him up successfully in a trap-labyrinth. Balton Wyt follows the emperor, however he cannot stop him. The Vario-500 finally succeeds in bringing an additional-station of the control-installations for the palace to the collapse, and the Takerer flees from the plasma portion of the emperor's brain. Argyris is again himself. However, he is also, unfortunately, buried under a mountain of rubble. Balton Wyt seizes the governmental power "by virtue of my authority over Olymp and the system of the free-traders" while, at the same time, Ribald Corello arrives in the system.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-04

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