476 - Der Schrecken von Takera
The Horror Of Takera
Hans Kneifel

The Moritator Lavascha, who Schekonu had found, finally arrives on board of the MARCO POLO. After initially hesitating, he becomes confident that a rescue-mission must be undertaken into the Greytonor System, first and foremost in order to save the Ganjo Ovaron and his companions Perry Rhodan and Atlan. Fifty Moritatoren remain on board the MARCO POLO in order to develop the relationship between Gruelfin and the Milky Way. Fifty Terrans in Moritatoren clothing go on board of the LAVASZA, led by Joaquin Manuel Cascal, Commander LaGrange Tuscalosa and Fellmer Lloyd.

Unhindered, the LAVASZA flies into the Greytonor-System. However, they intercept newscasts from the Takerer, that the former Marsav Chief, Ginkorasch, has taken over the power as Taschkar. No other ships besides the LAVASZA get approach permission into the system. Lavascha pretends, in honor of the new Taschkar, to want to organize in the stadium in Taschkanor a "Ganjo will come Show" in order to give the new Taschkar additional legitimation. Actually, Lavascha, together with Escraplan, have established an underground-organization on Takera, which delivers information to the Moritatoren. Cascal should contact Escroplan and with it collect information over Rhodan's location. Meanwhile, Lloyd should try to pick up the thought-impulses of Rhodan and his companions.

In Taschkanor, however, chaos prevails: The secret-police of the Taschkar carries out a big operation against dissidents and alleged opponents of the Taschkar and even shoots people in the open on the streets. Also Escroplan and his organization are uncovered and only with effort can the Terrans and Moritatoren succeed with the escape through a Transmitter to the Wesakenos under Miraltan that also is secretly active on Takera. From there, they all finally reach again to the LAVASZA. The appearance in the stadium now is canceled by the Marsav: it is boring, against the will of the people, the stadium already is busy and the security-officials are on vacation. Lavascha takes this as an insult, and after a search of the LAVASZA, he gets clearance for take-off.

Meanwhile, Rhodan, Atlan, Ovaron, Pucky, Takvorian, Ras Tschubai, Merkosh and the Paladin can capture the personal yacht of the old Taschkar, that lies anchored in the Collector. Ovaron radiates the identification signal of the Taschkar while the Paladin destroys the dome, that prevents the companions from the start. However, The signal of the old Taschkar is now invalid, and immediately, the units of the Takerer hunt for the yacht. Fortunately, Lloyd can receive the thought impulses of Pucky and exactly in time the Teleporter can bring all his companions safely on board the LAVASZA. The Takerer hold Rhodan and Ovaron for dead..

The LAVASZA is inspected a second time, this time in space. Since however, Lavascha installed hidden compartments in the ship, the Takerer cannot find anything. The adventure of the eight companions on Takera is finally past.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-03

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