475 - Der große Vasall
The Giant Vassal
William Voltz

Perry Rhodan, Ovaron, Atlan, Ras Tschubai, Pucky, Takvorian, Merkosh and the Paladin end up in unknown surroundings after their unexpected transportation by a transmitter. After sleeping, the companions are awakened by a six-dimensional radiation that places the team's teleporters out of action. Then, an attack by red, uniformed monsters takes place. These monsters belong to the lifeguard of the Taschkar. They are led by Blokh who can control the Thunderbolt-Team by means of suggestion. Merkosh can expel him initially.

The Terran team can repulse the monster-attack and begin with a reconnaissance-action, during which they discover airless rooms. Cool Aracan reports that they are in a gigantic station that cannot possibly still be within the VALOSAR. This proves to be especially dangerous since none of the members of the team possess spacesuits, and Atlan suspects that they are in a space-station. Still, they discover other central premises and also a room with openings that appear to serve as occupation slots for vassals. Rhodan, Ovaron and Atlan conclude from it that they are in a collective-station for vassals and invent the term "Collector" for it.

Meanwhile, Ginkorasch, up to now the Chief of the Marsav, has taken over the office of the Taschkar and pursues the progress of his purges. He is informed also by the robot station of the VALOSAR, which now stands under his command, that his predecessor in the year 3330 found in the universe a damaged spaceship, to which he gave the name "Collector." The structure was subsequently developed into the escape-bastion of the Taschkar and circles about the planet Tschukmar. Most information about the Collector was deleted by the old Taschkar. After he informs himself as best he can, Ginkorasch plans to gain control of the Collector and to recover also the control with it over those stations of the VALOSAR which can only be steered from the Collector.

During a renewed skirmish with the monsters under Blokh, the Paladin is separated from Rhodan’s team and is damaged. After a while, however, the Thunderbolts succeed with repairing it, and they regain contact with Rhodan, who meanwhile has negotiated unsuccessfully with the unfit Blokh. Rhodan’s companions bind the giant and embark on the search for the escape-possibility that Blokh had mentioned. However, Block can successfully remove the shackles after a while and now alarms the entire lifeguard, in that he places the Collector into vibrations. Afterwards he collapses exhausted and is found by Petaskanen, who murder their hated commander.

The team about Rhodan now must deal with a big attack of the Tashkar’s uniformed lifeguard. A faulty-circuit in the Collector suddenly causes a vassal-net to come off from the ceiling, and bury all fighters under itself. The lifeguard of the Taschkar as well as the companions of Rhodan are now helpless. The Thunderbolt-Team can launch a space-lentil, which destroys the controls that can move the net. After a while, the net is lifted again to its original position, and the fight continues. The lifeguard comes shortly before a total victory but then it suddenly gives up and retreats from the invaders.

Ginkorasch arrives on the Collector and becomes familiar with some of the switch-installations. After some consideration, he activates the suggestive-projectors in order to call the lifeguard to himself and seizes the control of the individual-impulse-programming over them. Then, a message from Takera arrives which informs him that a resistance-organization of the Wesakenos allows the spread of a rumor regarding ganjasin activities on Takera. Ginkorasch orders the Marsav to wait and to collect information since he will take care of the fragmentation of this resistance organization personally. He then continues to examine and experiment with the circuits within the Collector and activates circuits whose function is not quite clear to him. This has dire consequences within the Collector.

The chaos breaks out within the Collector. The repair shifting of walls, ceilings and rooms that was interrupted more than 108 years before resumes. While Rhodan and his companions are transported in an elevator-room by the Collector, Ginkorasch escapes through his Transmitter and comes back to the mountain Motah.

After some further dangerous incidents, Rhodan’s companions can reach into a dome-room, from where they can win an overview of the entire collector and its surroundings. Furthermore, they find the space-yacht of the Taschkar.

Michael Mahoney 2014-07-31

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