474 - Das Duell der Mächtigen
The Duel Of The Mighty
Hans Kneifel

The CMP-1 comes back with Schekonu to the MARCO POLO, that still is in the orientation-protection of Point Davis. Schekonu announces the arrival of a Moritatoren ship, with which a rescue-operation should be started on Takera. Joaquin Manuel Cascal and Fellmer Lloyd will go with 48 further Terrans on board of the ship.

Meanwhile, begins on Takera, in the VALOSAR, a new day. Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Ras Tschubai, Pucky, Takvorian, Merkosh and the Paladin were separated from Ovaron with their last transmitter jump. They now must clear a way for themselves through the volcano Motah and are threatened on that occasion not only by ancient technical installations and energy beings but, because of the destruction they cause along the way, also by earth and seaquakes, lava and water break-ins.

After an hours-long march, they achieve four kilometers of height, and Ras Tschubai can teleport to Ovaron. Ovaron has won a limited control with the X-Logik over the crazy vassals meanwhile. Also indications of a mysterious Proto-Mother are among the crazy news that they communicate to the Ganjo. Ovaron suspects that the vassals are autonomous elements of a much bigger Positronic Machine (Brain).

Moreover, the team succeeds with another view-contact with the Taschkar who still serves a switch-desk, in order to recover the control over the installations of the VALOSAR. Six dimensional energy-fields prevent another attack on his position. However, lava now penetrates into the energy-stations, that provide the protection-fields with power, and one after the other the force fields around the Taschkar’s control center collapse. The Paladin and the Taschkar begin a fight. The weapons cannot penetrate the protection-fields of the other in each case, however the Terrans become aware of the emergency transmitter of the Takerer.

Ovaron can report that the behavior of the up to now crazy vassals suddenly is normal. They radiate Dakkar and Six Dimensional Signals, and an unintelligable answer takes place. The vassals are destroyed after it from indoors out. Ras Tschubai saves Ovaron from the hall, in which the Ganjo was, and brings him to the remaining team's position.

After Takvorian made his protection-field useless, the Taschkar dies in a duel with Rhodan. Until the very end, the Tashkar refused to emerge and surrender. Rhodan is disappointed since he had wanted to capture the Taschkar alive. The Terrans can flee from the breakdown of the station over the Taschkar’s emergency transmitter that must be repaired first. The place, at which they rematerialize, is unknown but no dangers lurk there for the moment.

Michael Mahoney 2014-07-30

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