473 - Die verrückten Roboter
The Crazy Robots
H.G. Ewers

Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Ovaron, Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Merkosh, Takvorian and the Paladin are transported from the interrogation hall of the Taschkar into a station on the floor of the Taka Sea. They are welcomed by a robot-voice that sounds like a "crazy" robot (according to an analysis by Drof Retekin within the Paladin). In the nearest hall, that the team enters, they are welcomed by 54 robots (vassals), of which four stand under the command of the Ganjo. The four robots report that the other vassals were unprogrammed by the Taschkar. However, the four good vassals (themselves) reacted to the mental emergency-signal of the Ganjo and initiated the transportation.

Ovaron demands to be brought to safety with his companions. The vassals concede him this, however they insist that the Ganjo’s "foreign companions” must be killed. Thanks to the Teleporters, Pucky and Tschubai, the Terrans can escape. However, Ovaron voluntarily remains behind in order to tame the robots (vassals). In security for the time being, the Terrans separate and begin with the reconnaissance of the abandoned submarine city.

During the reconnaissance, Ras Tschubai meets the robot Unkel 1143 that was the servant of the Taschkar Bironasch once and now seeks a new master. He promises to lead Tschubai and Pucky to the control center of the present Taschkar. On the way, they run into Rhodan, who found, in a newer section of the station, construction workers who were murdered by the present Taschkar. They find the Taschkar in a control center where he tries in vain to regain control over the vassals. However, the headquarters is protected by force fields and they must return to the original venue. Also the other expeditionary members report about their uncanny experiences in the abandoned sub-sea-city.

The vassals pursue the Terrans through a trap-labyrinth until they can retreat into a shrine. However, it is soon established that this place of refuge is deceptive, because it is the tomb of Bironasch, which is very well equipped with traps and dangerous robots. They manage to barely succeed in escaping from the shrine, and the companions decide to insert a longer rest. After the dawn, Tschubai and Pucky give Ovaron a visit. The Ganjo is making progress with the vassals. However, he still does not control them. Perry Rhodan proposes that Ovaron apply the X-Logik that was developed by Ras Tschubai at some time in the past, in order to win the control over the robots.

On the basis of Rhodan’s supposition, that the grave-installation of Bironasch also guards the secrets of the incumbent Taschkar, the remaining companions return to the shrine and work their way through the various trap-systems. Because the vassals - who are considered enemies of the former sovereign of Takera - pursue the group, a positronic supervision computer system believes that the members of the Terran team are allies of the deceased Bironasch and activates another transmitter in order to save them.

Michael Mahoney 2014-07-30

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