472 - Das violette Feuer
The Violet Fire
Clark Darlton

On the MARCO POLO, it is observed how the Taschkar captures the Terran commando-group on Lohkrath. The ship follows the Takerer fleet until this splits ups shortly before reaching the Greytonor System. Roi Danton now lets Schekonu brief him about the Greytonor-System, the VALOSAR (Secret underground Marsav Headquarters) and about the Marsav itself. Since the MARCO POLO has so far remained undetected, Danton decides to wait in a safe observation-position in a nearby located solar system which is named Point Davis. Schekonu leaves the MARCO POLO with the CMP-1, in order to procure a ship of the Moritatoren, with which a rescue-operation should be undertaken.

Meanwhile, the Taschkar hands over his prisoners to the chief of the Marsav, Ginkorasch. The Terrans are accommodated within the VALOSAR in three separate rooms: Ovaron, Atlan and Perry Rhodan in the first, Merkosh and Takvorian in the second, Pucky, Ras Tschubai and the Paladin in the third. Perry Rhodan succeeds in convincing the Taschkar and Ginkorasch that Pucky and the Paladin are harmless and unintelligent companions. Takvorian is successful in putting the supervision facilities out of order in the cells. Superficial medical examinations are performed. Now, the prisoners can discuss their plans without worrying; Pucky teleports back and forth several times between the rooms in order to inform everyone on the newest developments. Furthermore, he and Ras Tschubai can procure an overview over the VALOSAR for themselves with some reconnaissance jumps.

Perry Rhodan, Ovaron and Atlan on the other hand are repeatedly escorted to interrogations at which both Ginkorasch and the Taschkar are present. After a short time, Rhodan confronts his host with the accusation that the Takerers plan a war of aggression against the Milky Way. As a result, the friendly behavior of the Taschkar changes. He tries to take over Atlan per Pedotransfer. This can be prevented by Pucky and Takvorian. Rhodan informs the Taschkar after it that the cell-activators of the Terrans are appliances, that prevent Pedotransfers. He continues this fiction by stating there are millions of such appliances already in the Milky Way which condemns the Taschkar's invasion plans to failure. Furthermore, each of the defense appliances are individually specific to its bearer. The Taschkar immediately tests this statement with a Rukal which immediately dies when putting on Atlan's cell activator. Rhodan's final bluff is that a cell-activator is destroyed within 15 minutes with a Six dimensional explosion as soon as it is no more with its owner. This Taschkar also believes this without proof and leaves the Terrans with their cell activators.

On the MARCO POLO, Danton has waited anxiously for Schekonu's return for two days. Finally, he sends the Lightning Jet Pilot Sylvio Maron and his companion Rain Corner into the Greytonor-System on a reconnaissance mission. The Lightning penetrates undisturbed into the badly guarded system with half the speed of light since it is considered a meteorite. Maron lands at a protected place on the 33rd planet. However, the place chosen by him is the preferred trip destination of Calimasch, the commander of the Marsav watch station of the planet. Shortly after the landing of the Lightning Jet, Calimasch goes with a glider to the lonesome summit where also Maron and Corner are. Maron and Calimash are able to communicate. Calimash turns out to be a doubter - admittedly loyal and devoted to the Marsav - however secretly, hoping for the Ganjo. He confirms that there are rumors about Terran prisoners on Takera and promises not to report the reconnaissance team's presence. He cannot give more information for secrecy reasons, and so Maron and Corner with the gathered intelligence start back to the MARCO POLO.

The prisoners on Takera are transferred into a community room. Also here, the observation appliances can be made inconspicuously useless. Rhodan plans to break out at the next opportunity. However, the Taschkar and Ginkorasch are able to move against the Team team first. A group-interrogation with a psycho-tester is on the agenda. The Taschkar promises to free the group as soon as he has all the wished information. At this critical moment, the room is enveloped by a violet fire, and the Terran commando team is suddenly moved to another location.

Michael Mahoney 2014-07-29

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