471 - Der letzte Test
The Last Test
William Voltz

The Taschkar, who is celebrating the Ocscha Festival, receives a mysterious radio-message which induces him to leave the planet Takera with a fleet. His goal is the planet Lohkrath, on which the MARCO POLO has landed.

On the MARCO POLO, one still wonders about the OLD ONE. Also the Mutants cannot give any information since the OLD ONE is protected by parapsychic abilities. The tensions between the Terrans and the two Cappins, Ovaron and Merceile, occur again but this time much more severely. Ovaron trusts the OLD ONE warily, while the Terrans, and particularly Atlan, do not trust the OLD ONE at all.

The first meeting between the OLD ONE, Perry Rhodan and Ovaron takes place on the high plateau. The OLD ONE acknowledges Ovaron as Ganjo. As Ovaron informs him that the reconquest of the Gruelfin galaxy will not be so simple, the OLD ONE becomes confused and retreats into his dome in order to only appear again 20 hours later. He asks Ovaron and Perry Rhodan to a last test.

He leads Ovaron, Perry Rhodan, and six other crew members of the MARCO POLO (mutants, the Paladin, etc.) into a big room. Ovaron and Rhodan must sit down in chairs, tabs placed over their eyes and electrodes placed on their heads. They lose the consciousness. The test is, for both, a fight against the Bionten. They experience scenes in the dream and must respond. For Ovaron, the dream becomes absolutely the reality. On the other hand, Perry Rhodan can escape the dream more and more thanks to some much needed help from Whisper.

The test yields that both Rhodan and Ovaron have justifiable and important concerns. As a result, the test was inconclusive. The OLD ONE clearly cannot come to a decision. He doesn't respond like a normal human nature. However, Rhodan and Ovaron come to an agreement: Rhodan wants to support Ovaron since he cannot proceed in a military manner against the Takerers. He needs the Ganjasen.

The OLD ONE manipulates some circuits after it, and the building begins to vibrate. The OLD ONE even disintegrates. Obviously he was a robot. The station of the OLD ONE begins to self-destruct. At this time, the MARCO POLO's sensors detect a fleet of the Takerers. The Taschkar has personally arrived in order to determine the source of the 6-D Impulses on the planet Lohkrath.

The visitors to the station are trapped since both Teleporters who accompanied Ovaron and Rhodan are made inoperative. Thus, they don't have any possibility to reach the MARCO POLO. Perry Rhodan orders Roi Danto the take off in order to protect the ship from annihilation at the hands of the Takerers. The MARCO POLO barely succeeds in escaping from the planet.

The eight personnel of the MARCO POLO who are trapped in the station experience the bombardment of the planet by the Takerers in the lowermost level of the station. The Takerer troops search the station for them and they are captured. They are brought on board the flagship of the fleet. Pucky hides his equipment and his cell activator in the paladin and plays a half-intelligent pet. The paladin acts as a stupid Cyclops whom the others must lead. The Takerers are deceived by this trick.

Michael Mahoney 2014-07-28

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