470 - Testfall MARCO POLO
H.G. Ewers

The MARCO POLO circles in the orientation protection of a sun. Suddenly, Ovaron collapses. Also the Mutants are affected, however, not as strongly as Ovaron. They sense only a certain nausea. Ovaron wakes up once again and says with a clear voice: "It is the machinery of the MARCO POLO!" Then he once again he lapses into unconscious.

The MARCO POLO is met by unidentifiable six-dimensional impulses many times recently. The station for these impulses seems to change its location throughout Gruelfin. In the proximity of the Terran ship, Takerer fleets appear. The Takerers now seem to be looking for the MARCO POLO systematically.

In the infirmary, the physicians are helpless. Ovaron is unconscious and twists in pain despite the strongest medications. The machinery of the MARCO POLO apparently respond with Ovaron's Tryzom-Bodies. Only as the ship leaves linear space and goes into free space despite the orientation danger, and all machines are stopped, does also the six-dimensional impulses also stop. Ovaron recovers fast.

The leading personalities of the MARCO POLO discuss whether something happens in Gruelfin similar to the time when Perry Rhodan had to solve the "galactic puzzle" in order to attain immortality. It is determined that further tests are needed.

A short time later Ovaron moans. Something forces him to perform a Pedotransfer. Ovaran jumps form Terran to Terran. The takeover-attempts can be repulsed, but all those taken over by him sense Ovaron's cruel pains. Perry Rhodan decides to take on his friend and lodge him in his body for the time being. After three hours, Ovaron calms down again and the second test is finished.

Only a short time later the radio-headquarters intercepts a hyper-message that announces the galactic position of the MARCO POLO. The ship must change its position quickly. In a short period of time, the Takerer fleets race to the position of the MARCO POLO. Then Schekonu, the Wise One, determines the crucial piece of information - the change calipers are the source of all the problems. Unfortunately, the change calipers are an important component of the Transdimensional (Dimesexta)-Drive. Although not in operation, the change calipers emit six-dimensional impulses that can be located by the Takerers.

The impulses cannot be stopped or prevented. The ejection of the change calipers remains as the single possibility to save the MARCO POLO. However, the Transdimensional (Dimesexta)-Drive will not work without the change calipers, thereby preventing the MARCO POLO from ever returning to the Milky Way. Despite protests and serious arguments by Elas Korom-Khan, Pawo Restonow and Pradin Lutzow, Perry Rhodan decides that the change calipers must be ejected. This ship is trapped in Gruelfin with this action. However, the ship now is able to successfully evade the Takerers. With this the third test is complete.

A short time later Ovaron gets an encoded message over his combo-armband. Ovaron is asked by the sender to land on the "Planet of the First Love". The planet is identified by Ovaron as Lohkrath, its real name. It was called the "Planet of the First Love" by the sender of the message because it was on this planet that Ovaron fell in love with a Cappin maiden named Na'Neila two hundred thousand years ago. The MARCO POLO sets out for the venue with the great unknown.

Lohkrath has no atmosphere. The ship follows the unknown's instructions and lands in close proximity to a high plateau. On the high plateau, four domes appear. Perry Rhodan is welcomed before the domes by an old man, whom the OLD ONE is called. While Perry Rhodan enters the station, the change calipers hover from a airlock of the domes. The MARCO POLO immediately takes the change calipers on board again.

The OLD ONE asks Perry Rhodan to wait a little bit longer and sends him back again to the MARCO POLO.

Michael Mahoney 2014-07-28

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