469 - Der Tod fliegt mit
The Flight With Death
H.G. Ewers

Back in Gruelfin (the Sombrero Galaxy) on the planet Leffa, a reconnaissance mission by the mutants results in the recovery of two Takerer dakkarcoms. The Terran scientist Bhang Paczek is captured by the Takerers but he is soon freed by Pucky, Ras Tschubai and Takvorian. Through the use of his pedo-transfer capabilities, Ovaron seizes control of Schekret, the chief of Leffa, and permits the departure of the MARCO POLO. At the last second the Ganjo realizes (from Schekretís thoughts) that the two dakkarcoms are disguised hexadim bombs that Schekret purposely allowed to be stolen by the mutants so that they would be brought inside the MARCO POLO. At the last moment, the bombs are removed from the MARCO POLO by the teleporters and they detonate harmlessly in open space.

Michael Mahoney 2014-01-28

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