468 - Der Telekinet
The Telekin
Clark Darlton

On Techma, Balton Wyt and Grandell meet. The Takerer threatens to destroy the CITY if it doesn't collaborate with them. The CITY’s robot brain rejects the ultimatum and surrounds itself with a protective shield.

Following the distress signals the solar marshal Julian Tifflor leaves for Techma with a powerful fleet. In order not to put Balton Wyt and the CITY in danger, he sends a reconnaissance group of five men to make contact with the telekin and the automatic installation of the CITY. In the meantime it is revealed that the CITY had been erected in the distant past in order to act as a shelter for the Ganjasans and for the other enemies of the Takerers. The Takerers on Techma mistake the Terran commando group from Tifflor’s fleet for emissaries of the CITY and attacks it. The CITY annihilates the Takerers and their Pedotransfer Spindle before activating its auto-destruct mechanism resulting in its own destruction. The five Terrans safely return to the INTERSOLAR with Balton Wyt.

Michael Mahoney 2014-01-28

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