467 - Der letzte Mann der DOLDA
The Last Man Of The DOLDA
Clark Darlton

The crew of the DOLDA, a small vessel of the Free Traders which is in bad disrepair, is victim of a deadly epidemic while carrying out business in the Eastside of the Milky Way. On March 6, 3117, the commander and only survivor, Balton Wyt, crash lands his ship on Techma, the only planet of the Techma star in the stellar cluster EX-2830. It is populated by intelligent plants. Wyt falls under the protection of the CITY, a robot installation created two hundred thousand years before by the Ganjo Ovaron. The CITY manipulates Wyt’s phases of sleep and awakening. The Free Trader loses all sense of time. At the same time the CITY manipulates his brain and, in the end, transforms Wyt into a telekin. At the end of the year 3437 Wyt witnesses the installation of a Pedotransfer spindle on Techma. When the Takerers, commanded by Grandell, appear on the planet the telekin is forced to act. In January 3438 he sends a distress signal that is received by the Terran Explorer Ship EX-8211.

Michael Mahoney 2013-04-13

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