466 - Die Stadt und das Raumschiff
The City And The Spaceship
Hans Kneifel

The Takerer Schekret threatens the MARCO POLO with all the firepower at his disposal on the planet Leffa. Perry Rhodan announces that if the Takerers seriously endanger his ship, he will use some Arkonide bombs to destroy Leffa. An uneasy status quo is established. Meanwhile, Ras Tschubai and Ovaron discover that Pedotransfer stations, similar to the Death Satellite, are constructed on the planet. The age of the facilities proves that such stations are already installed in the Milky Way in preparation for a Takerer invasion. Perry Rhodan realizes that the Takerer invasion of his galaxy will not take place in the form of an invading enemy spacefleet. Instead, it will be an insidious invasion where all the most important people of the Milky Way will be taken over by Takerers.

Michael Mahoney 2013-04-13

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