465 - Steckbrief für die MARCO POLO
The Arrest Warrant For The MARCO POLO
Hans Kneifel

After the events in the Leykeo System, the Takerer admiral Maschyleen issues a command to find and destroy the MARCO POLO. To make matters worse, the Takerer now possess the capability to track the MARCO POLO even when it is in the linear space. The Terrans hide their vessel near the surface of a large sun and simulate its destruction with the explosion of a Gazelle loaded with Transform bombs. The Takerer fleet is fooled by this ruse but the ship’s dangerously close proximity to the sun causes an overcharge of the hypertronic sensors which transforms the MARCO POLO’s reserves of water into helium, causing numerous powerful internal explosions. In addition, the MARCO POLO now has no water on board. To renew its water supply, the vessel travels to and arrives on the planet Leffa on January 25, 3438. It is the second planet of the Mayselan System, disguised as a desert world by a mirror shield (a cloaking device). Once the MARCO POLO passes through this shield, Leffa is revealed as a highly technological world of the Takerers. The vessel manages to land so quickly on an uninhabited island that the Takerers can't use their most powerful weapons without damaging their own planet. A stalemate now ensues since the MARCO POLO cannot take off again without being exposed to the Takerer’s heavier weapons. However, the MARCO POLO is able to replenish its water supplies.

Michael Mahoney 2013-04-02

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