463 - Die Spione von Siga
The Spies Of Siga
William Voltz

Schekonu directs the attention of the Terrans to the impassable blockade of the Takerers in the Leykeo System. With two small vessels disguised as meteors the Siganese of the Thunderbolt team successfully run the Takerer blockade without incident and reach the third planet, Oldon, at the end of December 3437. On Oldon, two primitive power blocs which have reached a technical level utilizing steam power have been at war with each other for a very long time. The Thunderbolt team discovers that the Takerers are utilizing Oldon’s inhabitants and their planet as a massive test site. In effect, the Takerers are preparing the inhabitants of Oldon for the arrival of their false Ganjo while, at the same time, building hysteria. If their test proves successful, the Takerers will unveil their false Gango to the rest of the inhabitants of NGC 4594 thereby gaining full acceptance as the absolute rulers of the Gruelfin Galaxy.

Michael Mahoney 2013-02-12

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