462 - Der Wissende
The Wise One
Clark Darlton

After two weeks of captivity on the Takerer vessel ALTAON, the scholarly Schekonu, who as a “Tryzome Detector” is capable of recognizing the true Ganjo, flees with a yawl toward the planet Mysycher in the Ayscho System. This planet was ravaged by the Takerers two hundred thousand years ago. The mutated indigenous inhabitants protect and help the fugitive. In the process of searching for Schekonu, Farenda, the commander of the ALTAON, arrives on the second planet of the sun Bren Schekonu. He inadvertently falls into a temporal field that projects him and his companions thirty-seven years into the past. As an old man he watches the landing of the ALTAON. On Haygasch the Terrans receive Schekonu’s distress signal. The MARCO POLO saves Schekonu from the Takerers in the last second. However, they cannot stop the Takerers from annihilating Mysyscher and its inhabitants.

Michael Mahoney 2013-02-12

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