461 - Flucht ins Ungewissen
Escape Into The Uncertain
Clark Darlton

Attacked by Takerer vessels, the overloaded light cruiser CMP-1 escapes from the Pysoma system. On 5 December 3437 it reaches Haygasch, the second planet of the sun Arnsot, after Dr. Waringer and his team is successful in repairing the damaged linear drive. The leader of the Moritator technicians on Abschena directs further repairs on the CMP-1. He does this in gratitude to Rhodan and the Terrans for their rescue of 6,000 Moritators from the archive planet Molakesch. Thanks to a Moritator named Pagellan, the MARCO POLO finds the trail of the missing light cruiser and lands two days later on Haygasch.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-24

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