460 - Zeitpunkt X
Time X
Hans Kneifel

At the end of November 3437, Perry Rhodan and his team discover in the archives on Molakesch some protected information regarding the plans of the Takerers. These plans map out the Takerer strategy for the conquest and control of Gruelfin. For them the Time X has arrived - in other words, the time of the expected return of the Ganjo. By defeating Ovaron while at the same time presenting a false Ganjo, they want to unite all the races of the Gruelfin galaxy and, in addition, capture the legendary Ganjasans who have remained in hiding for the last 200,000 years. They also foresee the conquest of the Milky Way by the action of pedo-transfers (psycho-transfers).

While it is approaching Molakesch, four Takerer vessels attack a vessel of the Moritators which carries one of the “wise ones”. The “wise ones” are the only Moritators who can identify the true Ganjo just by looking at him. The Terrans cannot prevent the Moritators’ pyramid-shaped vessel from being destroyed and the “wise one” on board from being captured. Under Atlan’s leadership, the MARCO POLO and its large complement of light cruisers pursue the fleeing Takerer vessels. Shortly afterwards Ovaron is identified by an old data bank on the archive planet. Unfortunately it triggers a Takerer device, provoking an atomic fire on Molakesch. The light cruiser CMP-1, which had remained on Molakesch under Rhodan’s leadership, takes over 6,000 inhabitants of the planet on board and departs Molakesch on the evening of November 29. Shortly afterwards Molakesch disintegrates into a gas cloud. The survivors have been crammed into every corner of the small cruiser which is only 100 meters in diameter. With its life support system hopelessly overburdened, the CMP-1 waits for help in orbit around the fourth planet of the Pysoma System.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-16

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