459 - Der Archivplanet
The Archive Planet
Hans Kneifel

The MARCO POLO escapes its pursuers. It is contacted by the Moritators on the Archive World, which is named Molakesch. Ovaron lands with the CMP-1 on Molakesch, which is the second planet of the sun Pysoma. At this time he realizes that he has lost the faculty to transplant his body tryzome. He now only has the capacity of psycho-transfer. The Terrans learn that the Takerers who work on Molakesch have been manipulating the historical records of the Moritators for a long time. Danton and Cascal save Ovaron from an attack by robots. The Takerers try to make Ybsanow, the Patriarch of the Archive Planet, believe that Ovaron is a liar and not the long expected Ganjo who is prophesized to return to Gruelfin (the Sombrero Galaxy). They must retreat under the continuous pressure exerted by the Terrans. Ovaron discovers an enigmatic photograph of himself dating from ten years earlier. However, he does not understand how this picture could have been taken of him in Gruelfin since, at that time, he was still on Earth and, on top of that, he was not even in the 35th Century at the time but 200,000 years in the past.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-04

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