450 - Aufbruch der MARCO POLO
The Departure of the Marco Polo
K.H. Scheer

On October 1st 3434, Perry Rhodan is elected at the head of the Terran government. In the next couple of years, Cappin pedo-transfers into human minds are being increasingly detected and Ovaron tells Rhodan he thinks they are consequences of the destruction of the Death Satellite. Rhodan decides to take part in an expedition into NGC 4594, the Cappin's galaxy, 35 million light years away. The galaxy is called Sombrero by the Terrans and Gruelfin by the Cappins.

On July 3rd 3436, the Marco Polo departs with a fleet of five hundred Gazelles commanded by Joaquin Manuel Cascal. Its transdimensional drive is fueled by the Schwartzchild effect and allows it to fly billions of times faster than the speed of light. 80,000 people are part of the expedition.

At the periphery of Gruelfin, the Terrans find several planets devastated by nuclear blasts. The Marco Polo responds to an emergency call from a ship which has just destroyed a planet because its inhabitants had recently started experimenting with nuclear weapons. They rescue its captain who becomes agitated when he sees Ovaron and says "The Ganjo is coming".

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-03-13

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