45 - Seuchenherd Aralon
Epidemic Center: Aralon
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodan travels back to Arkon to submit to the Robot Regent further evidence about the machinations of the Aras that he found on Mooff VI. But he conceals that besides Thora, Reginald Bull and six other crew members also about half his crew is suffering from the Nonus-Plague.

The Regent decides its logic is to authorize Rhodan with full powers on Aralon, the home planet of the Aras. He sent him the system’s coordinates and additionally provides a robotic battle fleet. However, it warns him not to groundless attack Aralon since Aras are still urgently needed.

Crest has Rhodan understand that he had practical experience with the High Command  over a Arkonide battle fleet.

Rhodan jumps to Aralon and sends Lieutenant Julian Tifflor and Wuriu Sengu in a Gazelle with Thora who is in deep sleep. Tifflor pretends to be a traitor who has amorous feeling for Thora and ultimately brings Themos, the inventor of Nonus-Plague and the associated counter-agent, to heal Thora. As it turns out by their questioning of Thora after waking that the Aras discover that the alleged traitor lied. Themos decides that the two people should be dissected alive. Since Tifflor continues to have the tracking device provided by IT implanted, Gucky can monitor the events using his telepathic abilities and decide when is the right time for Rhodan's intervention. When the situation becomes critical, Rhodan ends up with the TITAN and GANYMED on Aralon, but keeps his battle fleet hidden in the system. Rigorously he freed the prisoners with Gucky and a delegation of combat robots. Also, the antiserum against Nonus-Plague is seized.

Themos dies by his own carelessness. Gucky does not help – on Thora's explicit request. He disobeys the direct command of Rhodan. But since it was not to murder, but to not render assistance in the specific circumstances, Rhodan dispensed punishment.

Because the Aras can not match the military power of Rhodan, call the Mounders for help who send Talamon wh happens to be nearby. Talamon immediately flies with 100 spaceships to Aralon. Even before completion of the rescue operation, Talamon with ten ships opened, fire on TITAN while still standing on the landing field. But the Mounders cannot break through their shields. Rhodan immediately ordered the robot flleet fleet to fight and Talamon who recognizes the overwhelming power, at lightning speed stops any further attack.

However Talamon knows nothing of the evil machinations of the Aras. He even reacts with anger at their treachery and is therefore spared by Rhodan. Talamon is deeply impressed by Rhodan's approach and is the first friend among the Springers of the Terrans.

Among the restrictions - free healing of all infected peoples by the Aras, no more production of pathogens - Rhodan also spared Aralon because he wants to not destroy an entire people. The Arkonide Empire cannot do without the medical knowledge of the Aras.

In a conversation with Rhodan, Crest and Thora thank him for his tireless efforts for the sake of the Empire and the Arkonide people. As he has in turn not forgotten the basis on which he achieved his successes, he returns the thanks and the team is doing well and now resulting friendship with the Arkonide center, which In addition may be the Arkonide Empire’s only benefit.. Perry recognizes Thora’s love and is confident that his hopes will be fulfilled.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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