449 - Das Ende des Diktators
The End of the Dictator
Clark Darlton

The reason why Rhodan is delaying the explosion is because he knows that the blast will cause the entire Solar System to fall back into the present time, and his spies in the Dabrifa empire have told him that the Emperor was getting ready to attack them. Recent communications announce that a powerful Dabrifan fleet is on its way to the Solar System so Rhodan decides to go ahead with the plan and to surround the Solar System into a SH energy field as soon as it reappears in the present.

The explosion of the death satellite is triggered and causes Mercury and Venus to get severely damaged by the blast, but nothing that was not already expected. The Solar System appears in the present time just as the Dabrifan fleet materializes in the outskirts of Pluto.

The resistance against Dabrifa, led by Omaring Ligzuta, seizes this opportunity to start its offensive and manages to win over 200 of the 600 planets of the Dabrifa empire, including the main palace of the dictator. Even Dabrifa's crew rebels and the dictator is forced to lock himself in his quarters, where he is eventually killed by a robot reprogrammed by the admiral Hoga Merontus, one of Ligzuta's allies.

In August 3434, The Dabrifa Empire is dissolved and renamed the Galactic Federation of Normon. It becomes an ally of the Solar Empire.

Cedric Beust 2005-12-08

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