448 - Der alte Admiral
The Old Admiral
Hans Kneifel

When they return into the present, Ovaron receives an impulse from the base on Titan. There, he finds Moshaken, his former lieutenant, who put himself in suspended animation 200,000 years ago to tell Ovaron that despite their victory over the clan Gavasor, to which belonged the traitor who was executed, the rebels kept plotting and eventually took away the power from Ovaron. Moshaken gathered a big fleet and headed toward the Earth, where they fought against the Takerans.

They won the battle but the two sides were almost entirely destroyed and ended up stranded on the Earth, where they settled with the natives, then at the Cro Magnon stage. Rhodan is stunned to learn that the Lemurians, the Terran ancestors, seem to have originated from the Cappins themselves. After his revelations, Moshaken dies and Rhodan authorizes Ovaron and Merceile to go replace the faulty hexagonium on the death satellite.

The mission is a success but Rhodan decides not to detonate the bomb right away for unknown reasons.

Cedric Beust 2005-12-08

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