447 - Der Terraner und der Gläserne
The Terran and the Translucent One
William Voltz

In the Cappin station, the Terrans discover an alien called Merkosh accompanied by... Roi Danton, Rhodan's son. Danton was allegedly killed by the Ulebs in 2437 but he was saved at the last minute by a Gurrad scientist. Then he tried to flee in the past with a time machine belonging to the Beasts when the sun Enemy turned into a nova.

Rhodan's son was captured by the time trap set by the Cappins and bounced off to Titan where he was captured and held prisoner by the positronic computer. His companion, Merkosh, has a natural ability to travel back in time and he, also, hit the time trap and ended up in the same location.

On June 29th, 3434, the Zero Time Machine returns into the present with Merkosh and Roi Danton.

Cedric Beust 2005-12-08

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