446 - Die Zeitbrüder
The Time Brother
H.G. Ewers

On June 23rd, 196,584 BC, a spaceship drops off Ovaron II on Titan, accompanied by the commander of the spaceship, Moshaken. The Terrans understand that Ovaron II is the master of the Ganjasian empire, the older and most powerful Cappin people, The Cappins working on the Earth belong to the people of the Takerans. Ovaron II learns about the attack that happened a few days prior from the positronic computer and the teleporters bring him before Rhodan.

Ovaron II understands the situation when he sees Ovaron I and he pronounces the word Tajkonder, which unlocks Ovaron I's memories. Ovaron I now knows why his memory was wiped: so that he wouldn't create a time paradox when he meets Rhodan eighteen years later, so he asks Ovaron II to go ahead with the initial plan and have his memory erased. Before submitting himself to the procedure, Ovaron II leaves a note for Moshaken outing a traitor on their crew, who was discovered by Pucky.

With his memory erased, Ovaron II leaves for the Earth on June 28th and Ovaron I helps the Terrans obtain six grams of pure hexagonium.

Ovaron says that the purpose of the genetic experiments of the Takerians is to create entire civilization of potential pedotransfer hosts for the Cappins. The death satellite will be used as a transfer base to make traveling easier for the Cappins. Initially, only the bearers of the tryzome, such as Ovaron, were capable of pedotransfer, but the Takerians have found a way to install this ability on regular Cappins now.

Cedric Beust 2005-12-08

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