444 - Welten in Angst
Worlds in Anxiety
Hans Kneifel

On June 5th, 3434, the humanity accepts Rhodan's decision to blow up the hexadim bombs in the death satellite despite the risks. Ovaron and Merceile use the pedotransfer technique to visit the death satellite to try and detonate the bomb remotely but the attempt fails because after 200,000 years the sextagonium has deteriorated. The satellite positronic then recognizes them as saboteurs and sends robot sentinels after them. They make a quick escape and return on Rhodan's ship, the Intersolar. Joaquin "Joak" Cascal foils a plot to kill the two Cappins, Ovaron and Merceile, with modified rabies virus.

Cedric Beust 2005-12-08

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