44 - Der Mensch und das Monster
Man and Monster
K.H. Scheer

Perry Rhodan is faced with the following problem: half of his crew is suffering from the life-threatening illness – Nonus-Plague. He needs the help of the Robot Regent of the Great Empire to find the author of the disease – the Aras. However, the robot psychologist, Dr. Orson Certch warns Perry Rhodan not to show a large number of the diseased to the Regent. This would thereby significantly lower the value of the Terrans and therefore drive the Regent to look for better assistants. Ultimately, Perry Rhodan decides to admit to only a small number of patients and therefore informs the Robot Regent that only Thora, Reginald Bull and six other crew members are affected.

Rhodan assumes that the Aras are also behind the Mooffs and the attempted coup by the Zalites. But the Regent is primarily interested in the total submission of the Mooffs or to their destruction. The Regent has already decided to do this in Rhodan's absence, since it does not see itself in a position to dominate beings with supernatural abilities. Based on Rhodan’s latest findings, he asks the Robot Regent not to act in the Mooff system at its sole discretion, to stop the already arranged destruction and allow Rhodan to possibly to find evidence of the machinations of the Aras. For this purpose, Rhodan receives the necessary power. He sends the Arkonide forces home and examines Mooff VI for clues of a base. Perry Rhodan first receives telepathically several warnings of anunknown origin, which try to keep him from finding the base and landing. While the crew of the TITAN scan the planet for Mooffs, they are later attacked by a master-singer – a man-made life form. They can teleport over short distances, and give the melodic sounds. However, they have no brain and can therefore only be controlled remotely.

Perry Rhodan leave alone many of the attacking Mooffs and destroy the master singers, the people attacking the latter always get support from the strangers. Ultimately, he finds the base and conquers it - despite a recent telepathic warning from a being that is now called Trorth - and captures some Aras live. They are interrogated immediately. So he learns that on Mooff VI only the Syntho Teleporters are produced, but that there is no connection to Honur and therefore even here there is no antidote. However, he also receives a reference to Aralon, the main world of Aras, the only place where an antiserum can still be found.

Finally Rhodan decides to destroy the Ara-Base, but to spare the Mooffs and their planet – the race he holds harmless because of their organic inadequacies. Suddenly Trorth asks for a personal interview and the Terrans get a surprise. It turns out that Trorth is a Mooff. His warnings were misunderstood. The Mooffs are peaceful and apolitical beings, but their children were kidnapped by the Aras and misused. This created a false impression of Trorth’s people on Zalit. Perry Rhodan is tormented by remorse and self-reproach. Trorth forgives their sins, and they seal a future of mutual peace and friendship. Fifty Mooffs volunteer to go on board the TITAN to assist the Terrans in finding the cure.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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