433 - Die Stadt der tausend Fallen
The City of a Thousand Traps
William Voltz

On their way to the Tapurium, Alaska Saedaleare and Atlan meet a strange blind woman called Kytoma. She seems to be immune to Corello's power and inside the ruins, Atlan remembers an old Anti legend claiming that the early priests of Baalol were the student of the Yellow Conquerors.

Corello learns that the Antis and the Arrans influenced the pregnancy of his mother and implanted hypnotic orders inside him. The operation was called the Offensive.

Inside the Tapurium, Corello overcomes most of them except Alaska Saedelaere, who manages to overpower the supermutant with the help of this Cappin fragment. Corello, who is suffering from increasingly powerful hallucinations involving his mother, Gevoreny Tatstun, surrenders.

Cedric Beust 2005-06-10

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